The wine estate

Domaine du Malignon is a family wine estate. It's situated in the hamlet of Trescouvieux, close to the village of Laval St Roman. This village is located on right bank of the Rhône, in the North of the Gard department.

Our estate extends over 45 hectares. We cultivate basically traditional grape varieties of the Rhône valley, as for example Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault and Viognier. We vinify white, rosé and red wine as Vins de Pays and as top quality wines with the certificate of origin Côtes du Rhône. The region of the Côtes du Rhône is the second most important wine-growing region of France because of its size and its production volume.


Vignes de notre domaine


In our region, viticulture has an old tradition. The wine making culture of Laval St Roman can be followed back to the 16th century. The soil composition contains both clay and lime and the mediterran climate, which offers us abundant sunshine, enable us to produce quality wines. The archives of our village quote already in the year 1662 « the excellent wine of the hamlet Trescouvieux ».

In 1925 Henri Charmasson founded the wine estate Domaine du Malignon. His son Jean-Marie followed him and ran the estate after him. At present, four generations are living here under one roof.The wine passion has been transmitted with a lot of fervour from father to son. Today, André and Jean ,the sons of Jean-Marie, are running the wine estate, aided by their own sons Sylvain and soon also Bastien. The wives of the family take charge of the restaurant and the accommodation with devotion and hospitality.

Our tasting cellar, which is situated on the familial estate, is decorated with an old emblem. It shows the dragon killed by the fork of the holy Michael Archangel. The emblem has its origin in the 16th century, during the religious wars. At that time, it was delimiting religious areas. Today, the emblem decorates all our wine bottles as a sign of our sense of tradition in wine growing and vinification.

Hameau de Trescouvieux

Our know-how

Our wine is our passion. That's the reason why we cultivate our vineyard with fine tradition and with responsibility. To preserve nature, we privilege ecology-minded methods. Vineyards are grass covered, a feature which helps to improve the natural activity of the soil. We also do not use any pesticides.

If necessary, we reduce the yield on all our vineyards by ?green harvest?, in order to obtain aromatic and colourful grapes. We privilege to pick up the grapes by hand and sort them directly on the vineyard. The so selected grapes offer optimal maturity and condition. This is important for producing quality wine.

The vinification takes place in concrete and resine tanks in our own cellar. Our wines are made with a fine tradition. We prepare our wine conscientiously and we leave nothing to chance. We control the development of our wine every day with high diligence. Our best wines are aged in French oak barrels. The result is an attractive range of authentic white, rosé and red wine which we hope will transmit you our values with a touch of French ?art of life?.

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